1. Is My Wedding Date Available?

As soon as you contact me, I will check availability. A Booking Fee secures your big day.

2. How Far in Advance From the Wedding Date Do You Require Bookings?

I take bookings 1 to 2 years in advance

3. How Many Weddings Have You Photographed?

I have had the privilege to shoot nearly 200 weddings, I love my work.

4. Can You Share a Full Gallery of a Recent Wedding You Shot?

If you navigate to the front page of my website www.dukephotography.co.uk  you will see 3 live galleries to choose from.

5. Have You Shot At Our Venue Before? If Not, Are You Willing to Check Out the Venue in Advance?
There is a good chance that if you are local, I would have had the chance to photograph your venue but I would always go and check it out before your wedding day if I haven’t.

6. Can You Provide Any References or Client Testimonials?
You can check out my reviews on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/dukephot

7. How Long Have You Been a Wedding Photographer?
I’ve been shooting since 2016, and I have enjoyed my journey of learning and growing.

8. Have You Shot Any Weddings With a Similar Size and Style to Ours?

I have photographed weddings of all sizes and sometimes is best to get a second photographer if your photographer recommends it.

9. What’s Your Working Style on the Wedding Day?

This is a great question and perhaps a little complex as a wedding has many different chapters to it. I am well dressed and always on time, I am quiet and in the background, through bridal prep, and during the ceremony, until I have to change gears and set up for the group shots. Im a good public speaker, Im good with people, getting them to do what I ask and getting them to smile, and they still like me after so BONUS!

10. How Would You Describe Your Photography Style?
My photography style is very mixed, I like to offer a bit of everything, Natural, and Candid with a mixture of natural light and dramatic lighting, it just depends on the weather and what I’m feeling at the time to get my creative juices flowing

11. What’s Your Editing Style Like?
I enhance photos and make them stand out so the gallery is flowing from start to finish all the way through.

12. Do You Specialize in Indoor or Outdoor Weddings, or Both?
Both, however the only question I have been facing is how dark a venue would be and do I have corrected lighting for that, The answer is yes.

13. Can We Request Specific Shots?

During group shots I will always ask for a list of around 10 groups, I will also love to hear your ideas if there is something you can imagine would look great.

14. What’s Included in Your Wedding Packages?
www.dukephotography.co.uk /prices/

15. Can Your Packages Be Customized?
There can be the option of adding an extra photographer or videographer or even an album

16. How Many Hours Are Included In Your Packages?
These are typically based on 8-10 hours, however, sometimes I like to arrive earlier if I feel I need to

17. Do You Require a booking fee?

Should you wish me to shoot your wedding, I would require a £300 Booking fee to secure your big day.

18. What Are Your Travel Fees, If Any?
I don’t charge any fees within reason or if I’m overseas

19. How Much Do Overtime Hours Cost?
Over time is £50 per hour including editing time.

20. Can We Pay in Instalments?
As long as the final amount is paid up no later than 30 days before you can pay bit by bit.

21. What Is Your Refund or Cancellation Policy?
The refund policy is as per the contract.

22. What’s the Timeline for Delivering the Wedding Photos?
It takes longer to edit your photos than it does to shoot a wedding, with that in mind I always allow 6 – 8 weeks

23. How Many Final Images Will I Receive?
the description for each package will let you know here www.dukephotography.co.uk/prices/

24. How Do You Share Access to the Photos?
Your photos will be uploaded to an online gallery which I pay for yearly for you to enjoy and download with a special code, this will give you unlimited downloads.

25. Will We Have the Rights to the Photos?

You will have the right to print photos but it’s not good practice for any photographer to give away the copyright as it allows the photos to be used without the photographer’s permission or knowledge and increase sales of another business. You will be able to download and print as you wish.

26. Do You Provide the Raw Image Files?

Raw files are images straight out of the camera with no compression, editing, or retouching applied. It’s standard practice in the industry for photographers not to give raw image files to clients. There are a couple of reasons for this: First, raw image files are very large and can’t be opened without special editing software. Second, since raw files are completely unedited, they may not match the photographer’s style or look as professional as their retouched images.

27. Can We Order Prints from You?
Prints, Canvases, and wall art can be found in the online store located in your gallery

28. Can We Order Albums from You?
I work with Graphistudio to provide the best albums in the world, good examples can be found on the front page of my website.

29. Do You Offer Album Design Assistance?
I do! It’s all part of the service I offer. I have special software to help design the perfect album for you and I can send you the proof when I have finished, will also have a chance to decide on the colors and materials of the actual album itself

30. When Can We Expect to Receive a Contract? As soon as you have decided that use my services, I will send the contract to you.

31. Do You Carry Liability Insurance?
I do and can present my certificate to the venues when asked.

32. Do You Carry Backup Equipment?
The good news is that I do carry backup equipment and I also shoot with 2 memory cards inside a single camera so your photos are backed up straight away

33. In the unlikely event you can’t make it due to unforeseen circumstances, do you have backup cover?

I belong to the guild of photographers and know some of the best photographers in the country. I’ve never had to cancel a single wedding but if I did – I would cover your wedding with an awesome wedding photographer. 

Please let me know if you have any more questions,